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Calcio Ballila Collection: z.B. 90° Minuto

Solid milled Canaletto walnut structure.


Playing field in ½”-thick, tempered clear crystal.


Shell perimeter in 9/16”-thick crystal. The vertical plates are tempered glass; the curved ends have undergone a hot bending process. Every component is polished with cerium oxide. 


Players: one team in Canaletto walnut, the other in ash wood.


Canaletto walnut handles and scoring units.


Goals with polished stainless steel frames and handcrafted white or black nets.


Hidden, adjustable feet for leveling table.


Teckell® Tool Kit includes: certificate of authenticity, variety pack of foosballs for different styles of play, instructions and tools for assembling and maintaining the product (including a special lubricant for a smoothly flowing game).


Designed for indoor use


Teckell® Innovations

Rod ends featuring two layers of shock absorption.

Rods are equipped with special, self-lubricating bearings so that they slide back and forth quietly, smoothly and quickly.

Quick mount handles that fit perfectly and can be removed and replaced.

Thick crystal structure increases the game’s speed.

Design Adriano Design, Torino Italy

Dimensions L 140 H 92 P 76/174* cm (* Table with rods.)

Weight 75kg